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Representative Projects:  Headquarters & Back-Office /Food / Bio / General Manufacturing
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The Associated Press.  Performed a corporate relocation feasibility assessment. Worked with senior management to examine the
AP’s need for headquarters space, and assessed the feasibility of relocation in a 10-year discounted cash flow analysis.

IRM.  Worked with senior management to assess the financial feasibility of relocating the insurance company headquarters and
support operations from White Plains, NY.  Performed a comprehensive site selection program, which resulted in relocation to
Charlotte, NC.

CARE.  Guided CARE through a successful relocation of its headquarters from Manhattan to Atlanta.  Developed internal consensus
within CARE on a relocation plan, conducted a comprehensive site selection consulting program, prioritized alternatives, and
negotiated incentives agreements at candidate communities.  

ConAgra.  Performed comprehensive site selection and incentives negotiation for a state of the art ConAgra food production facility.  
The company had experienced favorable market response to a line of snack food products produced by the company’s Orville
Redenbacher/Swiss Miss Foods Company.  Expanding in this market required additional processing capacity and a quick ramp-up to
production.   The selected site in Waterloo, Iowa satisfied the aggressive project schedule and cost targets.  The new plant exceed all
production expectations, thanks to a the exceptional work force recruiting and training program negotiated for the project.

Perrier.  Assessed sites in New England for development as a spring-fed water supply for domestic water brands.  Conducted site
selection in New York State/New England for Northeast US distribution facility.

Embrex (Pfizer).  Conducted a comprehensive site selection consulting program and negotiated incentives agreements for a
veterinary vaccine production facility.  The project was developed in Scotland County, NC.  It was acquired by Pfizer Animal Health.

Ciba.  Guided the company through complex community and state regulatory issues and assessed the feasibility of developing a new
manufacturing process at an existing site.  Results helped the company to postpone the expansion and develop the process at an
alternative site.

Griffin Wheel Co.  Advised the company on locations for a mini-mill and manufacturing plant to produce wheels for rail cars and
locomotives. Negotiated incentive agreements in three states, leading to construction of the facility near Tulsa.

Garlock (Enpro).  Assessed the financial feasibility of recapitalizing manufacturing operations in New York versus relocation.  
Modeled nonrecurring costs, operating costs and incentives over 10 years. The results helped the company to modernize in-place.

Okonite Company.   Assessed the financial feasibility of recapitalizing an existing Okonite power cable manufacturing plant in New
Jersey versus relocating the facility. Conducted a comprehensive site selection program and negotiated incentives agreements,
leading to construction of the facility at Orangeburg, SC.

J. C. Bamford Excavators.  Executed intensive due diligence work during the site selection, including analysis of company-
negotiated incentives to establish the net present value comparison of sites for this heavy equipment manufacturer’s training center
and North American headquarters, which located in Savannah, GA.

Minerva Properties.  Assessed the market potential of a large tract of land in Georgia for commercial/industrial uses, developed
typical prospect business needs & site parameters, and estimated the major costs to improve the site infrastructure.

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