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CENTRAL STATES RAIL INTERMODAL DEVELOPER.  Prepared the project investment schedules for intermodal facilities,
warehouse/distribution, and flex space investment on several hundred acres.  Projected economic and fiscal impacts on
state and local economies over a 20-year horizon, focusing on job creation, new wages, increased economic output, and
revenue to government entities.  

Analyzed the impacts on state and local economies of a major multi-modal
logistics park. When completed, the project will develop over a thousand acres of warehousing, distribution and intermodal

NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA AUTOMOTIVE COALITION.  Analyzed the impacts on the state and regional economies of a
possible automotive assembly plant in eastern Oklahoma.  Defined a typical automotive assembly plant operation, and
developed the project specifications that drive the impact analysis.  Projected the impacts of the plant development and
operations on the employment, income, sales and government revenues over a 20-year horizon.  Results were used by
local and state governments and economic development organizations to plan economic development program initiatives.  

BNSF RAILWAY.  Analyzed the impacts of several potential rail intermodal facility and logistics park developments in
Arkansas, Illinois, Mississippi and Tennessee.  Assisted BNSF to understand how projects impact regional economies, and
worked with BNSF to develop information needed to assess the impacts.  Projected the impacts of intermodal facility and
logistics park development and operations on employment, income, sales and government revenues over a 20-year
horizon.  Developed summary tables and presentation material for use in educating political leaders, government agencies,
and the public.

LAKE CHARLES, LOUISIANA.  Worked with community economic development agencies and the State of Louisiana to
examine the likely economic impacts stemming from a major potential aerospace program.  The project programming  
information covered several phases of development over nearly a decade.  Using this information several calculations were
developed to encompass the most likely scenarios.  Impacts on employment, income, sales and government revenues
were summarized for each scenario.  
Representative Economic Impact Assessments

Support for our clients' industrial projects is enhanced when citizens and government stakeholders believe they can make
informed decisions regarding issues that have potential to impact their lives.  This is also true for policy initiatives and economic
development programs being developed by our public sector clients.  HERRON CONSULTING professionals work with project
owners, communities and state agencies to develop this information for projects around the nation.  

A few examples of the projects for which our consultants have provided assistance:
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